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A Letter from Pastor Mark- February

Dear Friends,
I want to share with you a sermon series that will begin at the end of this month and continue up to Palm Sunday.This sermon series is entitled Overcoming the Enemy.Each of us needs to know how to face temptation and the evil that is present in the world.The Bible is clear that there is a force of evil (Satan) that is present and wishes to destroy us spiritually and in every other way.As Christians we need to know how to face these Satanic attacks and how to resist the temptations to evil that come along with them.
As we progress through the series we will truly learn that if we stand on a strong faith in God that nothing can separate us from the love of God as expressed

How Ministries are Alike

Boys To Men(January through May) Community Fall Festival (September) God’s Will Breakfast (monthly) God’s Workers (monthly) Habitat Build (fall)

Hunger, Inc. Food Collection

Canned fruit donations are the February food item and when delivered to Hunger, Inc., these donations will be shared with families who are in need. Our collection dates are January 30 and February 2.  

In January we collected 54 pounds of peanut butter and jelly.  In March we will be collecting cans of Tuna/Meats February 27 and March 2.

You are invited to help with delivery and to serve at Hunger, Inc. as your schedule permits. For more information please call the church office, leave your name, and you will becontacted.

Thanks to all for your support in addressing the overwhelming need for food through the Food Drive Ministry.....You are the hands and feet of Jesus.

Upcoming March Events

Spring and warm weather are just around the corner. That also brings us to the Lenten Season! Ash Wednesday services will be March 5, 2014. Stay tuned for more upcoming events in the Lenten Season.