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A Letter from Pastor Mark - August

Dear Friends, I have oftenheard people say things like this: “We have a mission-centered church,” or “Our church is all about missions.”Then people begin to think that the church (remember the church is the people, not an organization, institution or building) is missional because ofinvolvement with missions. That brings up an interesting question: What makes the church truly missional?Contrary to what most people might think, a church that does missions isn’t necessarily missional. A body of believers who are truly missional will embody and carry the message of Jesus to all people deep within their hearts.A truly missional church will not make any decisions or decide to do anything without first determining that what they are doing helps the church to fulfill Christ’scommand to make disciples of all the nations. So a missional church is not a church that is occasionally involved in mission activities; it is a church that lives, embodies and is driven by the missional call of Jesus to re…


There are two more Journey Groups that are being offered as part of our summer offerings.

·REVIVAL (FAITH AS WESLEY LIVED IT) will start Monday August 10 at 7:00 pm.  Revival is a 6 week study by Adam Hamilton, senior pastor of The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection in Kansas.  In each session, Hamilton (through a short video segment) presents key events and places in the life of John Wesley and the movement he led and describes the convictions and essential practices of Wesley and the early Methodists.  Hamilton believes that by reclaiming the faith, heart, and practices of John Wesley and the early Methodists, we can rediscover the best parts of our own hearts and churches and that in doing so we might help spark a revival of Christianity in our time.  Led by Doug Shinkle.Cost of the book:  $13.25.

·SIMPLE STUDENT MINISTRY Journey Group will start Wednesday September 9 at 6:30 pm (during iGod).  Simple StudentMinistryfine tunes the proven methods of #1 best seller Simple Chu…



Southport UMC is an EQUIPPING CHURCH. What does that mean?Our ultimate goal through Equipping is to help individuals grow spiritually by using their God-given gifts to serve each other and the community, so that We (the church) can attain the maturity God intended.The Bible provides many scriptural references to guide us.As your read through each scripture reference, consider how it relates to the statement below it.
Romans 12:1-6a, Matthew 25:35-40 A ministry of serving others is an act of love for and devotion to Christ.