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A Letter from Pastor Mark

Dear Friends,
I am very excited about rekindling our J.O.Y on Thursday, September 5 and Sunday, September 8.If you don’t know, J.O.Y. stands for Jesus, Others and You.On this Sunday we are going to re-focus.W

Only One Week to go!

Remember, Thursday 9/5 and Sunday 9/8 are times to rekindle your JOY! Worship services will feature many things to help us rekindle our JOY! The Chancel Choir returns after the summer off.As a congregation, we will sing JOY TO THE WORLD as the closing hymn.(Yes – in September!Why?Come and see.) Children will participate during the 9:45 and 11:15 worship services to make a JOYFUL noise unto the Lord.

Serving the Community through Hunger, Inc.

Serving the Community through Hunger, Inc.
WOW! For August, SUMC donated 124 boxes of cereal.The ladies at Hunger, Inc. were so thrilled to receive so many varieties of cereal.They though that the children of the families would be excited to have so many more choices and not just corn flakes.
Collection dates are September 5 and 8 since communion has been changed to by-pass Labor Day weekend. We are collecting SUCCULENT SOUPS. Any variety of canned soups would be greatlyappreciated.


Have you ever been to any establishment (whether it is a restaurant, a clothing store, a coffee shop, a movie theater, a friend’s home and, yes, even a church) where you felt the sensation of WOW?  What happened, what did you see, how were you treated to make you feel WOW – a feeling of surprise, wonder, admiration or delight at how you were treated.  Did you feel like the people in that place went over the top to make you feel welcome?

Would you tell friends and family about places to visit that give you a WOW experience?

Let’s think about the other side of the coin for a moment.  Have you ever had an opposite-of-wow moment?  An antonym of wow is “flop.”  So, have you ever had a flop moment – a time when you visited a place and it just did not go well – so awful that you know you will never return and further, you will tell family and friends NOT to go there?

Even though we may offer a different service than a restaurant, a clothing store, a coffee shop or a movie theater, a chu…

Students Ministries and Acquire the Fire

Student Ministries and Acquire the Fire
Student Ministries focuses on young people in 5th grade through college students.Thisministry includes Sunday morning activities in the Underground at 9:45 a.m. and 11:15 a.m.,iGod on Wednesday evenings and several events throughout the year.These young people bring energy, enthusiasm and fresh ideas to the ministries of SUMC, not sometime in thefuture, but today!Reaching these disciples and future disciples of Jesus Christ takes many forms, such as attending the Acquire the Fire.
For more than 20 years Acquire the Fire has been more than a conference withgreat teaching, more than a concert with the top Christian bands and more than youth have ever experienced!Acquire the Fire is tens of thousands of youth coming together over 27 hours to be set apartfrom the distractions and influences of the world, long enough to encounter God in a totalrevolution of the heart.Many teens today are spending their time, money and passion onpursuing “things” in ord…

Homecroft Elementary Partnership -- News!

Homecroft Hustle Coming Soon! - On September 12, the Homecroft Elementary PTA will host its second annual Homecroft Hustle run-a-thon to help fund school events. Students will collect pledges and then run laps at school to raise money.  All money raised will go directly to the school.  How can you help? 
1.  Volunteer on the 12th…cheer on the kids and help with logistics…it's FUN! 2.  Purchase small gift cards/items that can be given as prizes to the runners….deliver them to the church office by Monday 9/9 marked “Homecroft Hustle Donation”