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A Letter from Pastor Mark - August

Dear Friends, Recently we heard the news that the exciting opportunity of having our community festival in conjunction with the Homecroft Elementary school community would need to be postponed.The operative word is postponed.We are not cancelling the event.We are planning to have this festival at a later date in order for it to be more effective. Allow me to share the details on why this decision was made.You may have heard thisinformation prior to this time, however, more information is always better than less.The school officials at Homecroft called our Director of Connections and Grow, Doug Shinkle and shared with him that they didn’t think that having the festival as a back-to-school event would be possible.The school is involved in a construction project and with the rainy weather this summer the project is running behind.Therefore, the condition of the grounds is not suitable for a large event.In addition to that, the construction is taking up a large part of the available parking…


Christmas in July Many children and their families at Homecroft Elementary will receive much needed support at the beginning of the school year because of your generosity in giving to “Christmas in July.”Along with clothing we were able to provide the staff with gift cards to use in emergenciessituations.This may cover children’s school items or their personal needs such as shoes,medicine or doctor visits that their family cannot afford. Thank you for sowing the seeds that helps others know of Jesus’ love.
Jubilee Christmas After Christmas in July the Jubilee Planning Team begins preparations for our Decemberministry of Jubilee Christmas.With assistance from the school social workers, 20-25 families from the community will be invited to participate. With input from last year’s Jubilee Hosts, we are looking at ways to connect more effectively with the families, possibly arranging a time to meet earlier in the process, and improvecommunications while forming relationships.
A Jubilee Host (in…


COMMUNITY BLOOD DRIVE – Sunday, August 7 Our next quarterly community Blood Drive is Sunday, August 7, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in theGathering Place.If you would like to schedule a time to give, please show your preference on the registration sheet at Guest Services. We also welcome walk-ins on August 7. Invite your family members, neighbors, co-workers, and friends to join you in giving the gift of life.
FINANCIAL PEACE REGISTRATION – August 11 through September 11 Plan to be part of a church-wide opportunity and learn ways to manage debt, save for thefuture, and Celebrate all God has done for us. Additional information is available in thisnewsletter, from the church office and in the Gathering Place.
UNITING WITH THE CHURCH – Monday, August 29 Would you like to make Southport your church home? Pastor Mark shares the mission andvision of Southport United Methodist Church, the difference between being a “member” and being a “Disciple,” and how each person is called to ministry. Please plan …

Financial Peace University

This fall, we will CELEBRATE what God has provided for us as we explore what God’s Word has to say about money and our attitude towards possessions.  Did you know that there are more than 800 scriptures that apply to personal finances?  And Jesus talked more about money than any other topic during his earthly ministry, including heaven, hell, sin or love!
Giving is not about rules or obligations.  Giving is about responding to God’s generositytowards us.  As Christians, we believe that God is a generous giver of all good gifts.  And we believe that God has created us in His image to be generous givers as well.  As believers, we are the most blessed when we are giving of our prayers, presence, gifts, service and witness.  In other words, when we CELEBRATE and share God’s generosity with the world.
As part of embracing these ideas, we’re going to begin a 9-week class called Financial Peace University (FPU) as a congregation.  The class covers everything from the basics of budgeting and sa…

Give to SUMC by simply doing what you're already doing.....

Go to and register your Plus Card.  Under Community Rewards choose Southport United Methodist Church.  Then each time you grocery shop the church will get a percentdonated back to us.  This does not affect your perks in any way!
Also, if you order from Amazon you can go to Smile.Amazon,com and earn cash for SUMC.  Just go to your account and choose SUMC as your site to earn cash.  You will shop at just like you normally would at

Girls With God

Initial kick-off weekend: Friday, August 26and Saturday, August 27.
We want to worship with girls in grades 6 -10, share the love of Jesus, and grow relationships with Him.
Join us for manicures, games, painting, singing and spiritual growth.  Help us as we make NO SEW Blankets for Riley Children's Hospital and assemble hygiene kits for less fortunate.
We can do all things in Christ who gives us strength!Contact the church office for additional information and permission slips.