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Merry Post Christmas!  Or Maybe we should start with Happy New Year, since that is more current.  But I am writing this on Boxing Day, so the glow of the Christmas celebration is still around us.  I hope yours was a true celebration of hope and peace, a true experience of love and grace.  Oh, sure there might have been a conflict or two, a hurt feeling now and then, but that’s just part of what it means to live in community.  People are people and often have trouble holding on to our better natures.  But it doesn’t mean that all is lost.  We can always try again, we can always forgive and move forward, we can always hope. What’s Boxing Day you ask?  Well, it is a British celebration for the day after Christmas Day.  I’ve heard various explanations for “boxing” – none of which have to do with punching people in a square ring!  Some say it was the boxes of provisions that the servants were given on this traditional day off for the working person.  Others say it was the boxed meals that t…

Financial Peace University

Ramsey Solutions Financial Peace University (it is more than just the 9 weeks)
What if you knew where all of your money was going each month? What if you were debt-free, investing and making wise spending decisions? With Ramsey Solutions Financial Peace University class, you CAN take control of your money and start planning for your future.It does not matter if you are age 20 or 70, this class is for you.
To help you get started, Southport United Methodist Church will be offering the FPU class Monday evenings from 6:45pm to 8:30pm starting on January 21 and ending March 18.
There are now two subscription options for people new to FPU (discounted options if you have taken FPU in the past).Annual subscription of $109 OR a monthly subscription $9.99/month PLUS a one-time activation fee of $69.The subscription includes the following:
Access to online video lessons Subscription to EveryDollar Plus, the premium budgeting tool Debt snowball tool and other resources Member workbook for all nine less…


The February 9 event at the church has been canceled. 
So, we would love for all women at SUMC to save the March 16 date for a program by the HEARTS IN SERVICE gals.  They will be coming to church to put on an inspirational  program from 9-3pm. 
A light lunch will be provided and child care will be provided if needed.  This is a free event so look for the forms to sign up because this event fills up quickly.  For more information ask any UMW member or Roof Crashers Bible Study lady about this event. 
UMW Circles Rebekah Circle meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month.  They meet at church at 1 p.m. Leah Circle does not meet until March 18th.  Then they meet every 3rd Monday at 6:30-8p.m. at church. (note this is a change of day)


The Creation Care Team would encourage you to read Psalm 104.   As you read this Psalm think about what God has done for Creation and how we should live our lives differently .
God is a sovereign and powerful Creator.  His greatness and majesty are beyond our comprehension. 
Take time to think about how we need to respond at SUMC. 


Thanks to all who shopped at Meijer for their food drive donations.  At this time Hunger, Inc. food pantry is overwhelmed with all the food donations from local schools, (which is a good thing) Therefore for the month of January, we will be collecting  food items and donating them to Servants Heart in Beech Grove.  This food pantry supports the Beech Grove and Perry Township areas as well.  They are in need of food at this time. The food items we will collect are:        Canned Soups                          Toothpastes        Soup Beans                              Toothbrushes        Cornbread Mixes                     Shampoos        Canned Pasta Meals               Deodorants   We will be collecting these items from January 3--January 6.

Serving Draws Us Closer to Christ

“It’s less about the task and more about the way that serving draws us closer to Christ.”
Let’s begin the new year by choosing to serve in ways that will draw us closer to God and model Jesus’ love for others. First….if you have not experienced MINISTRY DISCOVERY, let’s begin there. Ministry Discovery determines the ministry role and spiritual gifts you have been blessed with to serve God by serving others.The process involves completing two assessments and after scoring we spend about an hour discussing the results, answering questions, and exploring ministries in which your gifts can be best used. We are an Equipping church that believes when each person becomes a follower of Jesus we are given special gifts to bless others. When we use these gifts our passion and joy for serving is greater and bears more fruit. Not every ministry is for us to take on as a church and we seek God’s will for how we serve and reach others in our community to share His love. We desire to never be known as …


January 6 - Community Meal January 6 – New Member Session after the community meal January 12 – Ronald McDonald House (RMH) Team Serving at the Limestone address January 17 – God’s Will Breakfast Serving at Fletcher Place Community Center January 20 – RMH Team Serving at Riley Hospital January 21 – Financial Peace University (FPU) begins, 6:45-8:30pm And February 3 to 17 – Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) Families are Our Guests
FAITH PROMISE SUPPORTED MINISTRIES Thanks to your faithful contributions the following ministries continue
Blood Drive Sundays February 17, April 14, August 11, November 17
Interfaith Hospitality Network Families (IHN) February 3 – 17 and September 29 – October 13
Jubilee Ministry Christmas in July and December
Ronald McDonald House Second Saturday of the month at the Ronald McDonald House Third Sunday of the month at the RMH room in Riley Hospital
God’s Will Breakfast Third Thursday of the month at Fletcher Place Community Center in the FountainSquare area
Kairos Prison …

January Financial Update

Sometimes I worry too much about what other people think.I realized that this year while I was shopping for Christmas lights. One Sunday I found myself unattended as my wife had taken a daytrip to see her cousins (she took Lennox with her) and wouldn’t be back until late that night.I told her, “I’ll probably go get a few Christmas lights and put them up this afternoon.”Well, I did, as long as you are taking the word few in the context of all the Christmas lights in the state of Indiana. Midway through my quest to Deck the Halls I ran into a predicament.I found a sign that said, “Happy Holidays”.I liked this sign, but thought, “no, people will think I am trying to be politically correct.”So, I put that one back and found a sign that said, “Merry Christmas.”Then I thought, “Wait a minute, in our current environment people could take this as a political statement.”So, I stood there worried about what people would think.I wasn’t trying to be political at all, but what would people think?So,…