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A Letter from Pastor Mark - October

Dear Friends,
We are continuing this month examining information about how the church can become amissional movement.A missional movement is when every disciple who is a part of the church is so in love with Jesus that they live his message in everything they do, and Christ’s message goes viral passed on from person to person.
In order for a church to become a missional movement, it must contain missional DNA or mDNA.The six elements composing mDNA are as follows:
Jesus is Lord Disciple-making Missional-incarnational impulse


We are currently signing up for Journey Groups for the fall.Groups in the fall will be studying the book of the Acts of the Apostles and concentrating on how the church grew “virally”during the years immediately after Jesus’ death and resurrection under the direction of the early Apostles.At the same time, the sermon series (called “On the Verge”) will be looking at the characteristics of a Jesus movement and applying those characteristics to what the church needs to do in our culture to spread the good news “virally” just as it did during the Apostolic movement (from the book of Acts).
All Journey Groups will start the week of October 26 and will last 8 weeks.There will be a different Journey Group meeting Monday night, Tuesday night, Wednesday night andThursday night as well as one during the day on Wednesday.
You can sign up at Guest Services, by contacting the church office (,784-9508) or through the church website.
I hope you will consider joining this exciting time o…

Fighting Hunger - CROP WALK 2015 

The Indianapolis annual CROP Walk to fight hunger in our community and around the world is Sunday, October 18. For information and to register to walk, stop at the Food Drive/CROP Walk table in the Gathering Place October 1/4, and 8/11 or you may register or donate online
This is a great opportunity for individuals and families to get some exercise and help defeat hunger. Walkers travel a designated route beginning and ending at the Christian Theological Seminary, 42nd Street near Michigan Rd. (near Butler University). 
Prior to the Walk on October 18, we will provide lunch from 12:15 -1:00 in the Gathering Place for all participating walkers.At 1:00 we will carpool to the registration site on the Butler Campus.To identify our team, everyone is encouraged to wear a red shirt.
Walkers register from 1:30-2:00 p.m. and start walking while setting their own pace. Baby strollers, wagons with children, and wheelchairs are welcome at the CROP Wal…


This month we will be collecting food for the October 18 CROP Walk. Donations can be brought to the collection area in the Gathering Place on October 1/4, and 8/11.All food items are needed.The food will be delivered to the CROP WALK site on October 18.
If you are interested in attending the CROP Walk please register at the table in the Gathering Place on the same dates listed above or online at


Fall is officially here and that means the beginning of the “holiday season.” In the stores we see Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas all mixed together with each event having its own decorations, gifts, and food choices. We aren’t sure when preparations for one holiday ends and another begins. So goes the confusion of celebrating in a world of consumerism. However as Christians we understand the joy of the Christmas Spirit as a daily, year roundexperience. We are blessed to be called to spread the Good News, sharing the greatest love gift ever known. With the help of social workers from Perry Township Schools, 25 families have beenidentified, giving us the opportunity to share the Good News through the ministry of JUBILEE CHRISTMAS. With 25 families we have the potential of reaching more than 70 children. We are able to serve and establish an initial connection with families thanks to the generous contributions to the Faith Promise Fund, and the additional purchases of gifts, toys,…

Fall Clothing Drive

Benefitting Family Promise and IHN of Greater Indianapolis