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A Letter from Pastor Mark - February

Dear Friends,
I know we have just finished the Advent and Christmas season, but I looked at the calendar and I realized that before you receive the March newsletter, we will be observing Ash Wednesday. March 1 begins the season of Lent and we will have a service on that day that marks thebeginning of a 40-day preparation period for the celebration of Christ’s resurrection on Easter.This year we will celebrate Easter on April 16. During the season of Lent we are going to focus worship on how we can grow deeper in our walk with Jesus.The sermon series is entitled “The Discipleship Handbook.”It will be based on the book of 2nd Peter, and we will go through the entire book during the Lenten series. During Lent we will also be offering a two-week course on “Reading the Bible without Getting Lost.” This two-week course will give people guidelines and hints on how to read the Bible and be able to stick with it.During Lent we are going to focus on a book of the Bible inworship, and we are also …

Are You On the JOURNEY Of Your Discipleship?

Last month we talked about how each disciple, each follower of Jesus, needs to assess where they are in their own discipleship and find the next step to keep on the journey of theirdiscipleship.Periodically over the next couple of months, the Weekly (the insert to the bulletin you receive for worship), will have various questions you might consider as you determine and assess where you are in your discipleship.
Also, in a few months, everyone will have an opportunity to complete a discipleshipassessment that will help each person assess your own discipleship and will help the church as a whole determine where we are in our collective discipleship of Jesus and therefore, where we need to go next as a church.
Here are a few other steps that you can takeright now to help you keep on the discipleship journey.
·Participate in Ash Wednesday service on Wednesday March 1. ·On Wednesday, March 8, and Wednesday, March 15, we will have two sessions to help us better understand how to study the Bible…

Kairos Prison Ministry

On February 23 and 26 members of our Prison Ministry Teams will be at a Next Steps table to share how you can be part of Kairos Prison Ministry. As well as choosing to serve inside the prison walls, there are many additional ways to make this spiritual retreat a success.
The first is prayer.It is an extremely emotional moment when the participants see a longprayer chain with thousands of names of people are are praying for them.You can sign up for a time to pray.
Another way to help is to bake cookies.If this is your talent, be sure to pick up the specific chocolate chip cookie recipe at the table.The cookies make a statement in ways hard toimagine.They show love from those who bake them, and they are a powerful instrument for forgiveness within the walls of the correctional facility. A third way is to give financially.A single gift of $10 for a meal ticket can provide twoseparate meals during the weekend and is a charitable contribution for our income taxes.
You may choose to attend a cl…


There is never a dull moment when you serve in Jesus’ name.
Recently our Ronald McDonald House team members were serving dinner to families in Riley Hospital and the unusual happened.Dinner had been prepared, and people were eating at tables trying to relax for a few minutes before they returned to their child’s room.An unspokenmisunderstanding arose between two adults, possibly more like a version of a grade schoolcafeteria dispute.Only stares and a few comments were exchanged, nothing serious. However, this resulted in the hospital security police stopping by to see what was going on and asking one of our team members to give a statement of what had happened. She never thought her first police statement would be over dinner.
A little excitement, yes.But a lot more to the story.
Our ministry’s responsibility is to provide a meal that is nourishing, free, and in a location where parents are not too far from their seriously ill child.Our goal is to interact with families sharing Jesus’ lo…


The United Methodist Women are hosting a "Human Trafficking" event on Saturday, March 4, 2017. We will welcome columnist Tim Swarens from the Indianapolis Star for a presentation and discussion of Human Trafficking and how we as Christians can show our support for the work being done to combat this horrific crime. Presentation and discussion will be from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Gathering Place and is open to women and men, adults and youth. 
United Methodist Women
UMW  circles (small groups) meet TO LIVE OUR PURPOSE:
        To Know God
        To Experience Freedom as Whole Persons through Jesus Christ
        To Develop a Creative, Supportive Fellowship
        To Expand Concepts of Mission through Participation in the Global Ministries of theChurch

Rebekah Circle meets on the 2nd Tuesday of each month.
Anna Circle meets on the 3rd Monday of each month.
Leah Circle meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month beginning in March.


In support of Hunger Inc., a …


SUPPORT HUNGER INC. FOOD PANTRY – February 2 and 5 February’s requested item is Canned Fruit which will be shared with Perry Township families. Bring your donations from Thursday to Sunday, February 2 – 5, and the ministry team will deliver them to Hunger Inc. the next week.
UNITING WITH THE CHURCH – Tuesday, February 21 Would you like to make Southport your church home? Join Pastor Mark as he shares the mission and vision of Southport United Methodist Church and the importance of not just following Jesus but living your life as He lived His. Please plan to attend the next “UNITING WITH THE CHURCH” session Tuesday, February 21, at 7:00 pm.
BLOOD DRIVE – Sunday, February 26 Invite family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to participate in our first Blood Drive of 2017.The community will also be encouraged to join us on Sunday, February 26, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm in the Gathering Place. There is always a critical need for donors; give the gift of Life and be a blessing to others.