Serving Draws Us Closer to Christ

“It’s less about the task and more about the way that serving draws us closer to Christ.”

Let’s begin the new year by choosing to serve in ways that will draw us closer to God and model Jesus’ love for others.
First….if you have not experienced MINISTRY DISCOVERY, let’s begin there.
Ministry Discovery determines the ministry role and spiritual gifts you have been blessed with to serve God by serving others.  The process involves completing two assessments and after scoring we spend about an hour discussing the results, answering questions, and exploring ministries in which your gifts can be best used. 
We are an Equipping church that believes when each person becomes a follower of Jesus we are given special gifts to bless others. When we use these gifts our passion and joy for serving is greater and bears more fruit.
Not every ministry is for us to take on as a church and we seek God’s will for how we serve and reach others in our community to share His love. We desire to never be known as a church that uses people to “fill slots” to do a job, but to be known as the church where each person’s God given gifts are used to bless others while bringing joy to the servant. We trust God to guide us to ministries where He wants us involved and will provide the people to see that this is accomplished.
Are you ready for Ministry Discovery and to learn God’s way of serving using gifts with which you have been blessed?  Discovery packets may be picked up in the church office or by emailing

Next….During January in the Gathering Place we will be sharing information about some of our Faith Promise supported ministries and how our gifts can best be used to serve. Learn more about Ronald McDonald House and Kairos Prison Ministry. February brings families from Interfaith Hospitality Network and our first Blood Drive. There are always opportunities to reach out to others and share Jesus’ grace, mercy and love.

HOSPITALITY UPDATES: God intends every person to welcome others just as Jesus does.  Consider how He served others, disciples or strangers.  If Jesus became the servant who washed the feet of others, are we willing to become the servant who offers a drink or some refreshment? The methods may be incredibly different (feet washing versus preparing coffee for others) but the offer to serve, welcome and express love speaks the same language. Please consider how you can serve, blessing friends or guests just as Jesus did.

I am happy to share more information about serving with our Hospitality Teams!

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